We made a compilation of the frequently asked questions, If you have another question, do not hesitate to write us!

How can I buy your delicious sauces?

Hi, we have a place in San Pedro, San José, Costa Rica, if you are close please pass and say hi, we are 75 m east from the Pomodoro restaurant in Plaza Roosevelt. if you came in bicylce we gave you a 10% discount

If you are not in Costa Rica you can buy online and send them wherever you want here, please notice that we ship internationally with Costa Rica Post Office. We are not responsible for product retention by customs in your country.

Help, my mouth is on fire and everything turned white!

Calm down, we warn you! Drinking water is not going to help you grandma, the best you can do in these cases is to drink milk or yogurt, we recommend again not to use the Pierdealmas to play challenges with your friends.

When I finish the Vieja'e Patio can I fill it out?

Hello, it may not be like the original because our oil takes a process of resting that makes it taste delicious, our recommendation is that you do whatever you want, go out, walk, dance, know places, have a good time, make new friends, enjoy all the stages, look for the positive of each situation, assimilate that everything will be over sooner or later, and life is a cycle, the best is to continue supporting small projects, the local market, the small producer, You better buy another Vieja’e Patio and say goodbye to that empty bottle but full of good memories and spectacular spiciness.

¿Is true that your sauces are made by monkeys?

No, no, no and one thousand times no, damn it, We don´t know whre that myth came from. We use a different kind of primate.

Hello? Hello? I can not see and I only hear laughter, where am I?

Se acaba de enchilar con Pierdealmas, es normal lo que le está pasando, en realidad no hay risas, es su imaginación que lo desconectó por un proceso conocido como el Efecto Faintesstert, en honor al científico Alemán dr Franz Faintesstert, que le dieron un premio Nobel por haber descubierto y documentado una compleja relación social existente entre un mono Cariblanco, el chile Piquín y una culebra Terciopelo, una asombrosa relación llena de locura y amor que pasa en los treintas en la selva de Corcovado


You just taste the Pierdealmas, it’s normal what’s happening to you, there’s really no laughs, it’s your imagination that disconnected you by a process known as the Faintesstert Effect, in honor of the German scientist Dr. Franz Faintesstert, who won a Nobel prize  for having discovered and documented a complex social relationship between a White-headed monkey, the chilli Piquin and a Fe de Lance snake, an amazing relationship full of madness and love that happens in the thirties in the Corcovado jungle. Dr. Franz Faintesstert, discovers his love for monkeys and spicy during his stay in Corcovado and promises to give the world an action novel every 2 years in honor to the monkeys fallen during the revolution of 37. The first book ‘More Monkeys than Crazy’ is a failure, and leaves Dr. Franz Faintesstert on the verge of ruin, thanks to his friends in Corcovado he decides to stay living with monkeys and snakes and be part of the jungle, it’s better for him and we all know it.

I´m really scared to try Pierdealmas, any advice?

You’ve already taken the first step, nice!

Now relax, get a piece of bread, relax more! breathe! release the shoulders, remove the seal of quality from the bottle, breathe! concentrate, no one is watching, slowly turn the bottle, breathe breathe! do not think about anyone, do not think about anything, do not sweat, not yet. Put a little sauce on a plate, go ahead! breathe in breathe out! bring that piece of bread slowly, touch the sauce in slow motion if necessary. Breathe, this is one of those moments that can become a memory of life, one of those stories that you will tell your grandchildren … breathe, breathe. Go go!! … At first you do not feel anything, then you realize that it begins to sting, and is different from what you have tried before,you are  glad that you put very little but is scared that it stings more and more and more! “When the f*$ # is over? At what point did I think to try this sh ^ # & $? I would have put less, I would not have put at all! I am sweating, I put a lot, I can not breathe, the air is hot, my hands sweat, I have hiccups, does not take off with water, does not take off anything, and if I pull my tongue? “… Afterwards you does not feel anything, you does not feel your tongue or cheeks. You sweat a lot and makes many promises. Keep the bottle in the fridge, promise never to touch it. You never thought there was anything so spicy and you are glad that  you passed the test … At the next meal you´ll break your weak promise and puts a little more, to see what happens…

¿How spicy are your sauces?

Thanks for your question

Being 0 a Gerber, and 10 the lava of the Turrialba volcano, the olive oil Vieja’e Patio: 5, XXX and Viejo Verde: 6, The Pisuicas: 8 and the Pierdealmas 14. Thank you for writing us again.

¿There are monkeys in my living room, what should I do?

You can start with a banana puree and sunflower seeds, make them a ginger and mint drink, remember that ther are exploring and we are guests in their land.

Puede comenzar con un puré de banano y semillas de girasol, hágales un fresco de jengibre y menta, recuerde que andan explorando y que nosotros invadimos su tierra.

¿Did Chuck Norris really try your sauces?

Excellent question, No, it was someone that looks a lot like him.